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Fornax Innovations & Research has made a mark in the field of high temperature refractory services since its inception in 1988. We have been progressive in the field of design, installation and maintenance. We specialise in complex refractory design, lining and high temperature insulation services. We also undertake large scale turney projects and see them through completion. Our expertise lies not only in on-site execution but also service and maintenance.

Our company policy has always been to continually upgrade ourselves in the facet of today's industrial scenario. We believe it's not only the scenario that makes us what we are but its us, as a collective, that make the scenario as it is. Where highest quality standards are not only expected but expected on-time. Our arsenal of equipment and highly qualified workforce ensures highest value for our clients.

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Ovens & Furnaces, Anchors, PCPF Blocks and SS Fibres

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Furnace Health Check-up

Perodic health check-up of the furnace reduces the manintance cost and helps in better understanding, efficiency and energy saving of the furnace. At Fornax Innovations & Research we conduct regular audit of the furnaces and give report of its conditions. We have been able to reduce the overall maintenance cost of the furnace.

Design & Consultancy

Fornax Innovations & Research designs are efficient, cost effective and energy saving. We understand the requirement of our client, their products and processes, nature of furnace and then design the furnace & refractory. At Fornax Innovations & Research we are capable of selecting a right material as per the need of the product.

Refractory & Ceramic Blanket lining

Fornax Innovations & Research has modern equipments and skilled personnel to operate it for all kinds of refractory and ceramic blanket application work. We have successfully completed critical projects in key sectors within stipulated time. With proper design and installation, break down is minimised.

Material Procurement

Companies spend a lot of money on material handling, we make it easy and cost effective for them. With proper material handling right from the procurement to the installation, our team is involved. Different types of materials are required within the furnace and availabilty of specific material at a specific time is critical, with prior planning and procurement lot of overhead cost is saved and work is completed on time.

Heat Treatment

Fornax Innovations & Research has a wide range of services in heat treatement like Annealing, Normalising, Hardening, Quenching and Baking. With stringent processes of heat treatment we make sure that each and every product is effectively treated to the desired temperature. We make sure there is uniform heating and the product is well handled to avoid any damages.


Taking out moisture from the Refractory is very crucial, we at Fornax Innovations & Research have modern equipments and skilled persons for the Dry-Out proccess. Keeping safety and precision in mind, we have executed Dry-Out in critical sectors with great efficiency.