Batch Oven

Fornax Innovations & Research manufactures high quality Batch Ovens for various applications like pre-heating, composite curing, drying, aging, heat treatment, decontamination, sterilizing and shrink fitting. Standard ovens are available and custom ovens are designed around the customer's requirements.

Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnace has a range of 1100°C to 1600°C, maintaining safety features. Controlled temperature that suits the requirement and is easy to handle and use. Custom furnaces are also be designed as per the requirement.

Annealing Furnace

We manufacture electric and gas based annealing furnaces for different applications in industries. Our annealing furnaces, with our without the quenching tanks are of different sizes. Custom furnaces can also be made as per the requirement of the customer.

Art Oven

Fornax Innovations & Research understands the needs of an Artist and manufactures special ovens for Art & Craft. Glass, ceramic and clay artefacts are made in our ovens and furnaces, which come in standard or customised configurations.

Bespoke Furnace / Custom made Furnaces

With years of experience and expertise, we at Fornax Innovations & Research manufacture bespoke furnaces as per the requirements. With team of designers and engineers we specialise in manufacturing complex furnaces and deliver on time. We take up turn-key projects of manufacturing furnaces to erection of entire process plant.

Anchors & Studs

Fornax Innovations & Research manufactures anchors and studs of various sizes and shapes. Our anchors range from 35mm to 800mm in length and goes through the process of annealing.

PCPF Blocks

Our people are skilled to make different types of burner blocks and shape bricks. With right material selection and designing we achieve better performance. We have successfully designed and manufacture various blocks in many sectors.


Furnace Health Check-up

Perodic health check-up of the furnace reduces the manintance cost and helps in better understanding, efficiency and energy saving of the furnace...

Design & Consultancy

Fornax Innovations & Research designs are efficient, cost effective and energy saving. We understand the requirement of our client, their products and processes...

Refractory & Ceramic Blanket lining

Fornax Innovations & Research has modern equipments and skilled personnel to operate it for all kinds of refractory and ceramic blanket application work. We have successfully...

Material Procurement

Companies spend a lot of money on material handling, we make it easy and cost effective for them. With proper material handling right from the procurement...

Heat Treatment

Fornax Innovations & Research has a wide range of services in heat treatement like Annealing, Normalising, Hardening, Quenching and Baking. With stringent processes...


Taking out moisture from the Refractory is very crucial, we at Fornax Innovations & Research have modern equipments and skilled persons for the Dry-Out proccess. Keeping safety...